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Pine Straw 101, Part 3

Pine Straw 101, Part 3

Where to buy Pine Straw?

We sell only premium Longleaf Pine Straw. Oftentimes, pine straw
types are misconstrued by the consumer and misrepresented by the
seller. If you ask a seller, “What type of pine straw do you sell?” and
the answer is “I don’t know” or “It’s Pine Straw”, this is a red flag
and you should be concerned as you may be getting an inferior

There is no set industry standard for pine straw bale size. The
dimensions and weight of the bale are the most important attributes
to consider. Do not rely on the square footage claim the company
makes as this will vary greatly depending on the depth at which the
pine straw is installed. If you compare two bales, equal in size, one
supplier may claim their bale covers a larger square footage than
another bale of equal size and yet they cover the same area but at a
varied depth. These two bales will, in fact, cover the same square footage if installed at equal depths. Some companies tend to
exaggerate their square footage claims (by spreading the pine straw
thinner over a wider area) in order to make their product look
cheaper in price.

When is the best time to get Pine Straw?

Pine straw is a crop, and like many other crops, the best time to get it is
when it is freshly harvested. The best time to harvest is usually in late
fall to early winter, as pine trees tend to drop their needles in
abundance when other trees are also dropping their leaves for winter.
Newly fallen pine straw lasts the longest, and if it is kept dry and
sheltered from the elements, it can be stored for weeks or even months
until it is used with little to no effect on its appearance or durability.

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