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Rolls vs. Bales

Pine straw rolls, also known as pine needles, have been a popular choice for landscaping and gardening for many years. There are several reasons why pine straw rolls are better than square bales, including ease of application, cost effectiveness, and environmental benefits.
In addition to being easier to apply, pine straw rolls are also more cost effective than square bales. Square bales are often sold at a premium price, while pine straw rolls can be purchased at a much lower cost. This makes pine straw rolls a more affordable option for homeowners and landscapers alike.
Another upside of using pine straw rolls versus bales is that pine straw rolls keep more needles intact. Square bales are created by putting large amounts of pine straw into a crushing mechanism so that they can fit more straw into a bale. Rolls on the other hand are neatly and carefully rolled up with all the needles rolling along with the machine. This results in more long leaf usable pine straw in rolls than there are in squares.
In conclusion, pine straw rolls are a better option than square bales for landscaping and gardening. They are easier to apply, more cost effective, and have more intact needles. Pine straw rolls are a versatile, natural product that can be used in a variety of landscaping and gardening applications.

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